what's in a jello shot

What’s In A Jello Shot?

You know them, you love them, and they bring life to the party. No, not EMTs. Ok, maybe that was in bad taste. But you know what’s in good taste? Jello shots (gelatin mix plus alcohol). Hold up, you’ve never thought about what’s actually in jello shots, while you’re going shot for shot with your friends? Neither have we, we’re too busy partying to care.

For those of you nerds who HAVE to know how everything works, I guess we can talk ingredients. What’s in a jello shot? How are they made? How do I impress all the girls at the party tonight with my perfectly sexy jello shot proportions? Truly, the important questions in life.

Well, it’s quite simple really. Your average homemade gelatin shot consists of a mixture of pre-packaged gelatin, water, and alcohol. First, drop that gelatin mix in boiling water until that baby is dissolved. Let the mixture cool a bit then add in the alcohol.  Don’t get impatient…while you may be hot, your alcohol doesn’t want to be.  If you make the mistake of trying to dissolve the gelatin with the boiling water and alcohol at the same time, your shots won’t have much alcohol left, and where’s the fun in that? Once you’ve added the alcohol, pour the mixture into cups and put them in the fridge to set.

Easy, right? Obviously, we’re talking jello shots, not rocket science! Sike! We really got you party newbies. It’s easy to get the wrong proportions and end up with a texture that is no bueno. You don’t want to end up sending your party guests running for the hills with a re-creation of The Blob, do you? A timely reference, we know. Plus, you could  make them too strong or too weak, since we know you lost your measuring cups months ago, likely next to your shake weight and flowbee. Also, who wants to wait hours for the gelatin to gel? So what do all the party experts recommend if you’re too busy, not sure of proportions, or just too lazy to make your own jello shots? Shottys’ gelatin shots!

Shottys’ are pre-made, pre-packaged gelatin shots for all you on-the-go partiers who don’t have the time to make homemade gelatin shots. Made with natural ingredients, premium alcohol and perfect proportions, you’re well on your way to party glory.

So whether you’re tailgating, pool partying, barbecuing, or just celebrating making it through Tuesday, Shottys’ gelatin shots are perfect for any and all celebrations. Enjoy gelatin shots without all of the work that goes into making them yourself. You’ve got enough on your plate, so bring Shottys’ and be the party hero®!
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